Comic book hero series

Do you like reading comics? Are you a DC or Marvel’s fan? I’m sort of both, but had a big gap in my education and didn’t get to read as many comics as I would have liked. Most of my comic book character knowledge came from watching cartoons and series on the television.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of my best comic book series. If you’re a fan you might know what I’m talking about: The Flash, Arrow, Marvel’s Agents Of Shield and a new one that I still have to take a look at is Daredevil. We all know that sometimes the directors of these series make the shows somewhat different than the real comics in order to make them more dramatic and get a bigger following.

I for one love these shows because of the mystery and intrigue they hold. I love learning about the character’s origin story and the unknown. What is it that attracts you to comic book series? Here’s one of the coolest short round up videos that came out a while ago. It features a bunch of characters from Arrow and Flash in the so-called “Super Hero Club”.

Comic Bento VS VideoStripe

comic bento vs videostripe

The Pink Lemonade blog is a blog dedicated to the arts, to movies, books and even comics. Here on my very first post I’d like to discuss 2 brand new services that might interest you as I know it got my attention. I’m talking about VideoStripe Movie service and Comic Bento Box. I found out of these 2 services after searching the internet for book reviews and new ideas for this very blog.

To be completely transparent my ideas came from the product review section at Book Worm Jungle. It’s a nice little blog that does something very similar to what I’ve got in mind for Pink Lemonade. But anyway enough about that, let’s get back to the real post.

The question is do you like comics or do you like watching movies? I’m someone that likes a bit of both, but would lean more towards watching movies than reading comics. The fact is that I’m a lazy reader sometimes and only read when I really have to, what a bad habit…

Videostripe is essentially an on demand movie streaming service that let’s you watch movies online for a monthly subscription. It’s very similar to Netflix but features some movies and series that they don’t have and is available is many more countries than Netflix which makes it somewhat more accessible to others. Comic Bento on the other hand is completely for US citizens as it’s a comic subscription service that sends you a box of comics each month without saying what they will be.

This makes the service exciting and something new.  Overall Comic Bento has received a much higher rating than VideoStripe has in my opinion. It also seems like Videostripe installs some kind of program on your PC that is pretty hard to get rid of. But overall if your into movies and comics you should check both those services out and let me know how you liked it or didn’t.

For those of you that are lazy at reading like me, here’s a video of someone reviewing Comic Bento (the clear favorite in this post).

Who is your favorite Avenger?

Over the last few weeks the new Avengers movie come out and it got me thinking that I should probably write a post about something Avenger related. Unfortunately I’ve not yet gotten the time to go and see the movie myself so instead of writing an ranting post about something I don’t really know anything about I’ll write about my favorite Avenger.


What’s your favorite Avenger by the way? Is if Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America or Thor. I’m excluding Hawk Eye and Scarlett Johansan’s character because according to my they aren’t real Avengers. For me this is a hard choice. Each one of these characters has such unique abilities and strengths and weaknesses. Some might rate them based on power and say that the most powerful of them must be between Hulk and Thor. But based on skill the battle would be between Tony Stark and Captain America.

For me the guy who has the best attitude and character abilities it must be Captain America. What do you think, who is your favorite?

What do you think about the new Batman Movie

Let’s get into some stuff I would talk about all day, all year long: Movies! And to be a bit more precise the new Batman movie coming out in 2016: Batman VS Superman the dawn of justice. No doubt it’s just another movie building up to 10 more sequels but I’m really excited to watch it. Here’s the trailer below, how can you not get excited after watching this trailer.

However don’t get me started on why they didn’t keep Christian Bale as the lead actor (Batman) and changed it to Ben Affleck, but after watching the trailer it seems that he might just be able to hold up the mantel of Batman proudly. The real question is why in the hell would Batman want to fight Superman and most of all does he really think he can win?

Who came up with that idea in the first place? I’ve been watching Batman comics since I was a little kid and never have I ever seen or heard of the idea that Batman fights Superman and most off all thinks he can win. But you know what that’s probably the whole point. These movie companies are so good at creating a buzz, making things go viral and getting us to want more and more. The movie trailer basically leads up to Batman fighting Superman but what if that’s not even really what the movie is about.

All I can probably do is wait for the movie to come out and see what really happens. All I know is I will definitely not be missing this one.